Monday, October 21, 2013

Sampaloc Congregation Hosting of Special Convention Delegates

Our congregation is preparing for months just for today's special occasion because we are selected to host some delegates from the United States (from the Special Convention held here in Manila). 

To show our support and brotherhood, local brothers and sisters prepared their own numbers of Filipino dance routines, while others prepared for other programs.

The program started with an hour of field ministry that took place near our Kingdom Hall. Then in the afternoon, the program started with the Rondalia band doing their own musical number and some refreshments. 

Then sisters danced their number followed by some entertainment games. JD and Anna sung the "Makinig at Sumunod" then the program was closed by a dance number of our local brothers.

The whole event was meaningful, heart-warming and moving in the sense that Jehovah's spirit is among us. The brothers from the United States showed complete appreciation from our efforts and it proves that Jehovah's organization here on earth, is for real.

Below are some of the videos and pictures from the event.


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