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Sony Vaio VPC-SVD11215CV Review

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Patrick's First Shave!

It is time to shave Patrick's head for the first time! Take a look...



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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ginebra Lost the Commissioner's Cup Finals

Okay, I am a Ginebra fan dating back Robert Jaworski's era where the likes of Marlou Aquino, Noli Locsin and Bal David wreck havoc in the PBA in the 90's. I never changed team even though Ginebra was barely seen a title since the 2009 Fiesta Conference.

Well, the last time Mark Caguioa and company reached the finals was in 2011 Commissioner's Cup and they end up at the losing that finals stint to Talk and Text. 

This year, they managed to grab the second finals spot in the same conference but lost easily via sweep courtesy of the Alaska Aces.

Alaska is a dominant team this year and there is no doubt that this team will win multiple titles in the future. They are arguably the best defensive and offensive team because they are composed of young and skilled players such as Calvin and Jayvee Casio. 

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Even though I am a Ginebra fan and they survived a lot of triumphs going into the finals, they are statistically no match with the aces in every department. The "never-say-die" spirit never showed in this finals showdown, which lost three games to none in all lopsided contests. 

Another factor is the health of the team where import Vernon Macklin certainly hurt and Mark Caguiao not a hundred percent. Tenorio also got tentative in the fourth quarter and I also thought of some coaching lapses by Alfrancis Chua on that sequence. The result is the Aces broom on the Kings.

I am not taking any credit away from the aces due to the injuries suffered by Ginebra because the Aces are completely a different breed of team and the Kings are obviously outclassed. Congratulations to Alaska!

I think that the only recourse for Ginebra now is to inject some young legs that can take shots. Players such as Jeff Chan or Ranidel de Ocampo will do. Although Ginebra showed a lot of heart battling do-or-die games in four occasions and survived, the problem is the age of the team and it needs to be re-shaped.

I am not telling that Mark should be traded, he's practically the heart and soul of this team. Maybe the time is come for Mark and JayJay to pass the torch to other young players such as Tenorio or maybe Chris Ellis, and carry the fight for Ginebra.

For coaching, Alfrancis did a great coaching job for Ginebra this conference. A little more time perhaps before this team can mature and possibly grab a title of their own.

So for me and for millions of Ginebra fans, better luck next time!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SONY VPC-SVD11215CV Review

I strolled at the Trinoma Mall the other day and I couldn't help myself but write a review of this amazingly designed Sony Vaio model - the VPC-SVD11215CV. 

Okay it really got my attention. This model as you can see on the image below has an ultra slim design added by class with its black glossy look. Truly a tempting and hard to resist gadget. However, it's too late for me as I already have an HP laptop which is not too brandy but is perfectly durable and dependable.

Specifications of Sony VPC-SVD11215CV  

There are a lot to love with this Vaio model. In fact, its LCD panel is touchscreen much like with the new Samsung tablet/PC duo model that was released recently. 

The CPU is composed of Intel Core i5 3317U 2.6 ghz processor packed with 4GB DDR3. Its screen size is just 11.6 inches but is perfect enough for my taste. 

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With Windows 8 in the helm, the Sony VPC-SVD11215CV is the perfect companion for both casual and experts alike. 

This Vaio is available on selected Avant or ElectroWorld outlet and cost arount 69,999 pesos. It is available in 12 month easy installment payments, depending of course on your credit card provider.

So if you are keen on replacing your old laptop, then this new model from Sony is a good choice. The price is outrageously priced but what can we do? It is Sony!

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Reason Why I Never Vote During Elections

It's national elections once again and all precinct here in Manila are jam packed with people who wanted to cast their votes for different seats on the government.

As for me, it's all good right here at home! Why? Because I never bother wasting my time voting for any candidates for any elections period. Do you want to know why I don't vote? 

Well, first off, I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and we don't vote. You are probably well aware of this fact already through some witnesses that you happen to know. But do you really want to know the real reason why we don't vote?

Okay for your curiosity's sake, I'll explain to you and I'll try to be as detailed as possible. Of course, I will give you some bible contexts why elections are not for real Christians.

Reasons for not Voting - Bible Principles

While most of you would foresee my disposition as unusual or religiously restrictive, many of you would probably agree that you have no or little idea about the true relationship between associating yourself with elections and bible principles.

While we witnesses respect the rights and will of others to vote in time of elections, we as followers of Christ are always in neutral position in any political activities or government festivities, such as elections.

We don't promote anyone nor we are against to anyone who are running for a seat in the government. In fact, we are bound through bible teachings to be loyal and ready to help to anyone that will be elected after the election period.

As a true Christian, one should follow what was written in John 15:19 that says "If ​YOU​ were part of the world, the world would be fond of what is its own. Now because ​YOU​ are no part of the world, but I have chosen ​YOU​ out of the world, on this account the world hates ​YOU.". Jesus is trying to remind us that we should not associate ourselves to various activities of the world and election is one worldly activity that Jesus is pointing out. 

So if you believe in Christ, you should follow strictly what he said on that verse, that we should not be a part of the world. You might insist that you have other explanation for that particular verse but there are none. The verse does have one straight, direct to the point meaning so understanding it should never give you any doubt. You may look at it on your own bible copy. 

We are also given a warning in 1 Timothy 5:22 that says "Never lay your hands hastily upon any man; neither be a sharer in the sins of others; preserve yourself chaste.". This is a bible principle that is critical and must be followed. As you can see, we should not elect people that are imperfect, prone in committing sins. As you know, politicians are corrupt and untrustworthy. That verse tells us that if you vote during elections, you are bound responsible for any misconducts or wrongdoings of that person once he assumes work in office. Obviously, none of today's candidates deserves our vote because all of them are imperfect and prone to sins. 

So does it mean that we are not fully dependent on elected officials? Not at all, because apostle Paul said in Rome 13:1 "Let every soul be in subjection to the superior authorities, for there is no authority except by God; the existing authorities stand placed in their relative positions by God.". So true Christians subject themselves to higher authorities in the government because God put them in their relative positions. Witnesses follow this principle in tight accordance because we respect any officials in the government. However, this system will not last long once the kingdom of God takes over of every man-made kingdoms here on earth.

Since all of Jehovah's Witnesses stand in one organized system and one faith which is based on the bible, we are all bound by love through Christ's teachings (1 Corinthians 1:10 / Colossians 3:14). So these bible principles are laws that should be followed. If you call yourself a Christian, you should think about these verses and have a self-study immediately.


These are the reasons why I don't vote during elections. I hope you learned something here about Jehovah's Witnesses and our stand with regards to voting. 

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