Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finally Reached My $1000 Earnings!

Hey guys what's up? I thought that I would never add a post here. Sorry coz I've been busy with my other sites and don't have a time to update this blog.

I would like to inform you guys that finally, I earned my first $1000 earnings in the industry of online business. I did it for almost two years that first started on my first site which is weight loss niche site.

It was a struggle because its really hard to make money online especially if you don't have all the time to market your site. The first earning came October last year amounting to $112. All of that came from Google Adsense advertising program. As you can see, all my sites have Adsense which is my primary monetization program.

The second payment came in March amounting to $135 then followed by $318 last July. Then I decided to offer direct advertising for my sites to gain additional revenues. My Health Talk blog is the most authoritative site I have so I particularly target advertisers for this blog.

My site attracted a lot of businesses which I carefully reviewed one by one. I accumulated a total of $470 direct advertising revenue in Health Talk alone. Today, my Best Online Business website is slowly becoming an authority in the "make money online" niche and there are already a few businesses who wants to advertise.

I am hoping that my websites will keep on improving and convert well for more profits. I will keep you updated about my online business journey only here at my personal blog.

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